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Company Profile

Company Profile

PCITECH is a professional provider of artificial intelligence technology and products in China,providing face recognition, structured, knowledge graph and intelligent big data technology and services to the world.

PCITECH, with its headquarter in Guangzhou, was founded in 1986 and had set up branches or offices in more than 30 regions across China. It employs more than 2,000 people and owns a world-class scientist research and development team. The company has established the PCITECH Global Intelligence Technology Research Institute and the Research Institute of Traffic Brain, built or participated in the construction of 2 national joint laboratories, 1 national enterprise technology center and 2 provincial engineering technology centers, undertaken dozens of major research projects at the national, provincial and ministerial levels in core electronics, high-end general-purpose chips and basic software products , and applied for more than 500 national invention patents and software copyrights. Now, PCITECH becomes the world’s leader in face recognition, video structure analysis, knowledge graph and intelligent big data as it masters its own core technologies in these fields.

PCITECH has developed into a high-tech enterprise in rail transit intelligent technology simultaneously covering automatic ticket checking system, platform door system, integrated monitoring system and communication system (including video monitoring system). Its business involves subways, intercity railways, trams, and BRTs in 18 cities across China, including Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Qingdao, etc., forming a nationwide, full-industry chain business layout. At the same time, PCITECH has participated in more than 40 national smart city projects with public safety as the core and more than 100 smart city projects with intelligent transportation as the core.

Innovation Development Process

  • In 1986,Suntek Technology was founded.

  • In 1999,Suntek Technology was listed on the Main Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.(Stock Code:600728)

  • In 2008,PCI Holdings acquired Suntek Technology and completed the business restructuring, and then marched into Chinese market of smart security and started the R&D on the smart security technologies.

  • In 2013,PCITECH finished the intelligent industrial business layout including smart city and intelligent rail transportation.

  • In 2014,PCITECH focused on smart business, establishing its subsidiary PCI-Jianxun and expanding the business market in Xinjiang and overall layout of the national market for public security.

  • In 2015,PCITECH jointly established the Cloudwalk,increasing the inputs to the R&D on face recognition and other A.I. technologies.

  • In 2016,PCITECH acquired Huazhiyuan, accelerating the layout of whole industry chain in rail transportation;meanwhile, it acquired Fundway, making overall business layout on intelligent transportation; and in the same year, PCITECH made an invest-ment on 1000Video, strengthening the R&D on video big data.

  • In 2017,PCITECH Global Intelligent Technology Research Institute was established, which strengthened the application on A.I. and big data technologies, building up the A.I. industry ecosystem; and in the same year, Research Institute of Traffic Brain was established, deepening the applications of A.I. and big data on urban transportation.

  • In 2018,PCITECH made a strategic investment on Inforefiner, continuously improving the layout of big data technology.

Nationwide Business Layout

PCITECH reached strategic partnership with Ant Financial and Guangzhou Traffic Management Committee. Jointly exploring the innovative business of “Smart Transportation” and promote the pilot and landing of public transportation innovation service solutions, creating “Smart Guangdong”.

PCITECH signed a cooperation agreement with Suqian Traffic Police and Guangdong Intelligent Transportation System Key Laboratory in Sun Yat-sen University to establish Suqian urban traffic brains research and development joint laboratory together.

PCITECH joins hands with Technology Financial Group to initiate the establishment of Guangdong Technology Financial Group—PCITECH Venture Capital Center and Artificial Intelligence Industry M&A Funds.

PCITECH launched the rail transit industry alliance and joined hands with Guangzhou Metro to help the rail transit industry become the new pillar industry in Guangzhou.

Together with top artificial intelligence enterprises such as Guangzhou Radio Group, Guangdong Electronic Information Association, iFLYTEK, Huawei, Tencent, and universities and research institutes, capital institutions, service organizations, and innovative start-ups to establish Guangdong Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, creating a new ecology of artificial intelligence industry in Guangdong Province.

PCITECH signed a strategic cooperation agreement on artificial intelligence with Guangzhou Municipal Government and Nansha District Government, and joined Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Industry Research Institute, consolidating Guangzhou’s role as the global leader in artificial intelligence.

PCITECH, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jie’ao Capital, and Cloudwalk signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the industrial application of face recognition technology.PCITECH and its holding subsidiary Fundway work together with Guangzhou Traffic.

Management Science and Technology Research Institute (Guangzhou Traffic Police Detachment) and Guangdong Provincial Intelligent Transportation System Key Laboratory (Sun Yat-Sen University) to build a joint laboratory to further realize resources sharing, deepen the cooperation mechanism of “Administration, Production, University,Research and Application”, and strive to build Guangzhou into a model city of “new smart traffic management”.

Building a New A.I. Ecosystem

In 2018, as artificial intelligence ushered in a new round of rapid development, PCITECH further established the new mission of "Building a New Ecology of Artificial Intelligence." It will comprehensively increase R&D and industrialization investment in deep learning of video structure analysis, artificial intelligence hardware, knowledge graph construction and other fields, and it will also continue to promote the implementation of “PCI Artificial Intelligence+” strategy so as to build a new era of PCITECH development.

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