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  • Computer vision:connect people and data

    Computer vision is a biometric recognition technology which can be used to identify people based on their facial features. The practice of capturing a face or a video stream with a camera, and automatically detecting and tracking the face in the image, and then dealing with it by using a series of techniques is also normally called portrait recognition and computer vision.

    The process usually includes face detection, face tracking, facial features localization, face normalization, feature extraction, classifier training and comparison matching. Thus it can be used to identify different people. And now it is widely used in the field of identification such as security and authentication.

  • Digital twin:link data to data through tags

    Also known as the scientific digital twin, knowledge graph is a series of different graphs showing the relationship between knowledge development and their structure. It uses visual technology to describe knowledge resources and their carriers to  explore, analyze, construct, draw and display knowledge and the relations among them. Digital twin aims to vividly demonstrate the core structure, the development, the frontier field and the overall knowledge structure of the discipline by using visualized pictures and combining the theories and methods of applied mathematics, graphics, information visualization technology, information science with metrology citation analysis and co-occurrence analysis, so as to yield a modern theory of multidisciplinary integration, providing a practical and valuable reference for academic research.

  • Video structured analysis:labeling data

    Video structure analysis technology is to mark people, cars, objects, behaviors, events and others in video images so that semantic search such as human features(gender, the color of clothes, etc.) and car features(license plates, colors, markers, etc.) in a dedicated platform can get corresponding results. PCITECH 's video structure analysis system can label and analyze structural properties of people, cars and objects in motion. For example, it can analyze bicycles, tricycles, motor vehicles and people in real time so that the target vehicle and the target person can be quickly and accurately found through semantic retrieval, image retrieval, and the like.

    The video cloud structure analysis platform takes the actual needs of the public security institutions into full consideration, and integrates video capture, analysis, and intelligent retrieval on the back of the company's image detection services to build an efficient and close-to-act video intelligent analysis service platform so as to provide key technical support for the projects such as Smart City, Safe City and Smart Transportation.

  • Smart big data:turn data assets into omnipotent values

    Facing the large scale and widely diversified data, heavy data processing tasks, and the shortage of A.I. data models, intelligent big data technology of PCITECH has adopted semi-structured data, log data, streaming data, unstructured data and other data source to establish distributed big data processing cluster, realize central management, and adapt multiple interfaces. Besides, it can configure data flow at a high speed, preset algorithm library, and build simple and flexible data models. It can be said that such a one-stop artificial intelligence big data platform will bring unlimited value to the enterprise in logistics chain, production chain, marketing chain and information chain, thereby unleashing whole potential of big data in enterprise.

An A.I. ecosystem with PCITECH as its core is being constructed!

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