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The heavy traffic will be eased

Key Technologies, Products And Services Provider Of ITS In China

Intelligent Transportation System

PCITECH devotes itself to the research, development and application of the technology in intelligent transportation, and aims  to build the intelligent transportation service system that meets the needs of customers and the actual traffic situation of the city.

Urban Traffic Brain

Engine of intelligent transportation management system

Urban traffic brain is a product independently developed by PCITECH, which is a new generation of urban intelligent traffic management system running under the architecture of IDPS. Combining the artificial intelligence technology to explore the traffic characteristics, based on the deconstruction of "capacity, demand and state" of urban traffic, analyze and optimize dynamic traffic, so as to achieve the goal of easing traffic congestion, reducing traffic accidents and reducing traffic pollution, and support the business and service upgrading of smart traffic system.

Since the pilot application in 2017, it has been reported by CCTV for three times, approved and appreciated by provincial and ministerial leaders for twice, and established two joint public security and traffic police laboratories, and received dozens of field visits and training by leaders at the bureau level or above. At present, urban traffic brain has been applied in Hefei and Xuancheng of Anhui Province.The second batch of landing cities includes Guangzhou, Suqian, Huainan, Foshan and other places, and has started landing work in Singapore.

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    Computable Digital Network Platform

    Intelligent  Facility Management System

    Traffic SignalTiming Service Management System

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  • More Services of ITS:

    Traffic Simulation And Forecasting Services

    Traffic Signal Timing Optimization Service

    Traffic Operation Analysis And Evaluation Service

    Traffic Planning Design And Optimization Service

PCITECH has completed more than 1,000 types of intelligent transportation projects, covering more than 100 cities at home and abroad

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